1》 the side or part of an object that presents itself to view or that is normally seen or used first.
    ↘the position directly ahead.
    ↘the forward-facing part of a person's body.
2》 the foremost line or part of an armed force; the furthest position that an army has reached.
    ↘[often in names] an organized political group: the Patriotic Front.
3》 Meteorology the boundary of an advancing mass of air, in particular the leading edge (warm front) or trailing edge (cold front) of the warm sector of a low-pressure system.
4》 a particular situation or sphere of operation: good news on the jobs front.
5》 a deceptive appearance or mode of behaviour assumed by someone to conceal truth or genuine feelings.
    ↘a person or organization serving as a cover for subversive activities.
6》 boldness and confidence of manner.
1》 of or at the front.
2》 Phonetics (of a vowel sound) formed by raising the tongue towards the hard palate.
1》 have the front facing towards.
    ↘place or be placed at the front of.
2》 provide with a front or facing.
3》 lead or be at the forefront of.
    ↘present or host (a television or radio programme).
4》 act as a front for.
5》 Phonetics articulate (a vowel sound) with the tongue further forward.
6》 (often front up) Austral./NZ make an appearance; turn up.
    ↘archaic or Austral./NZ confront.
front of house Brit. the parts of a theatre in front of the proscenium arch.
↘the business of a theatre that concerns the audience, such as ticket sales.
in front
1》 in a position just ahead or further forward.
2》 on the front part or side.
3》 (in front of) in the presence of.
out front chiefly N. Amer. at or to the front; in front.
frontless adjective
frontmost adjective
frontward adjective & adverb
frontwards adverb
ME: from OFr. front (n.), fronter (v.), from L. frons, front- 'forehead, front'.

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